David Waller

At Grass-Fed Meats we believe our heritage breed animals deserve the best at every stage of their journey.
Our traditional butchers DT Waller & Sons are famous for the quality meat they sell from their shop in Ledbury.
They take care to hang beef and lamb carcases for the right amount of time and carefully cut it so that customers enjoy meat that’s both tasty and tender. Their approach isn’t the fastest or the cheapest, but the number of customers who keep coming back for more testifies to the quality of their products.

The family-run firm was founded in 1977 by David Waller, who set up his own shop after serving an apprenticeship with Yarworth and Slaters in Malvern, at which he honed his skills both in meat preparation and looking after customers.

Respect for the animals that produce the meat he sells lies at the heart of David’s philosophy, which he’s passed down to his sons Matt and Nathan and 18-strong team, and this extends to making sure that everything that leaves his shop is exactly what the customer wants, which means it’s likely to get the treatment it deserves. From castles to council houses, everybody who shops there is valued and encouraged to discuss their requirements.

DT Waller & Sons make it their mission to source meat from animals slaughtered close to the farms on which they were reared to ensure they experience minimum stress, something that can have a huge impact on the quality of their meat. It’s also more than likely that David will have visited the farms to make sure welfare standards are top notch.

Quality, service and respect are the tenets that have underpinned DT Waller & Sons for more than 40 years and remain as important today as when David first opened his own shop.

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