The best should not be rushed

Grass-fed British heritage farm breeds produce succulent meat that’s full of flavour and character. Slow-growing, healthy and specially adapted to their native climates, they dwell in harmony with nature and are the natural choice for everybody who believes that the best things in life should not be rushed.

Trusted farmers supplying Grass-Fed Meats take the utmost care of their animals, finishing cattle and sheep at their natural pace on pasture, sunshine, clean air and fresh water, without the need for any other inputs. Our pigs also enjoy a healthy, free range lifestyle, enjoying the great outdoors and every opportunity to display their natural behaviours as they grow.

Heritage farm breeds aren’t just good to eat: they play an important role in taking care of the environment around them, helping to preserve the traditional landscapes for which England is famous. We support small, traditional farms that graze their livestock on pastureland, many areas of which are still packed with native grasses and wildflowers that make them havens for wildlife.

When the time comes, animals are slaughtered at abattoirs located no more than half an hour away from their farms to keep stress levels to a minimum.

Afterwards the care taken by the farmer is matched by our team of traditional butchers, who treat every piece of meat with the respect it deserves and use their knowledge and skills to ensure customers never fail to be delighted with its flavour and tenderness.

Grass-Fed Meats honours the work of the dedicated band of farmers who stayed true to Britain’s native farm breeds in the face of modern advances in agriculture, preserving these priceless animals so that future generations can enjoy meat as it should taste. Every joint, chop, steak and sausage comes from a cow, pig or sheep that’s registered to a breed society.

And with every order audited by Happerley, customers can buy with the confidence of full transparency, knowing that every piece of meat can be traced back to the farm on which it was produced.

Try Grass Fed Meats today: in our view there’s nothing to beat it.

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