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Grass Fed Beef
Our beef comes from heritage breed cattle that have spent their lives outdoors grazing lush grass. They grow more slowly than some, but the flavour and tenderness of their meat makes the extra time spent well worthwhile. Our butcher hangs all of our beef carcases for at least 28 days, to ensure every piece of meat is tender and flavoursome.

Grass Fed Lamb
Our lamb comes from Ryelands Sheep reared on pastures close to the River Leadon and other native  British farm breeds raised on traditional grasslands. Each carcase is hung for around a week to ensure it’s succulent and tasty.

Our pigs spend their days in fields, growing slowly on natural diets. Their laidback lifestyles produce delicious pork with sufficient fat to keep it moist and succulent when it’s cooking.

Dry cured bacon
Our bacon is traditionally dry cured by our master butcher who believes the old methods are the best when it comes to producing tasty rashers that don’t shrink or spit in the frying pan.

DT Waller & Son has won several awards for their tasty sausages, including a double accolade from the Heart of England Tourism Authority for the best traditional breakfast sausage and speciality sausage.

A great burger starts with quality minced beef that’s combined with the right amount of seasoning to ensure every mouthful is tasty and juicy.

Our farmers take the utmost care of their animals and want to ensure that every piece of them is enjoyed, including their offal. Whether you like liver, kidneys or hearts, we will ensure it reaches you fresh and expertly prepared.

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Our packaging:
Our high standards of care and attention to detail include the way we wrap and pack our meat. Combining good hygiene with sustainability, all our meat comes in recyclable plastic packaging and is sent in a box insulated with fleece liners .

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